Wednesday, 28 August 2013

It's Wed-nes-day night.

Guess what? It's Wednesday night. I know what you're thinking, "We know that Lecy, we're not stupid." But you are, since you don't know why I'm excited. Unless you do know why I am.. In that case you're not as stupid as I thought you were. But anyway, for those who don't know, I'll let you know why I'm excited. IT'S PAY DAY TOMORROW! Yay. I worked three days last week so this pay will be glorious. And I shall put lots of it in my savings for my car. Kidding, I'll pay my mother off... And then what's left will go to my savings.. I hope..

Any-who, I sent my phone away again yesterday. I'm so grumpy that the dumb people didn't even fix it. They just took my hard earned money. But at least I don't have to pay again. Let's just hope they actually fix it.

Just like every Wed-nes-day, I was going to do a wardrobe Wed-nes-day, but didn't get around to it.. I even put on cool clothes and everything. But it's just too much effort for me to take selfies sometimes. But maybe next week I'll do it.. But we all know I probably won't.

Oh, did I tell you, last Friday, when I was talking to my best friend, she asked me if I was drunk. SHE ASKED ME IF I WAS DRUNK. Because apparently, that's the kinda thing she expects me to do while my parents are away. Pfffft. I would never do that. I was just ridiculously tired from a hard days work. Also, reading till the early morning didn't exactly help my sleepy issue.. But I wasn't drunk.

Then today I was talking to her again. She didn't think I was drunk this time, which was good. And we had the most hilarious conversation about what it would be like to have kids. Then we were talking about how we can both vaguely remember this one time at my old house when our mums were hanging out we were both just causally having a feed. And by feed I mean breast feed. It was hilarious. I think I would have been like two or something so Abby must have been about three. I can confidently say that we've both re-decided we're not having kids. It's just.. ugghhhh. 

Then I was complaining about how I shouldn't complain about my boobs on my blog, so Abby was all like, "Just do it. It's funny." And other stuff I've forgotten. So I will. I just want you all to know something, I.HATE.BOOBS.SO.MUCH.
There, I let it out. I feel so much better now.

Now that I've begun talking about weird things no one cares about, I shall continue by sharing a story with you.
So tonight, I was doing a bit of a work out, cause that's what I like to do. And then I do lots of stretching and stuff after my work out. So I had almost finished, I just wanted to stretch my bridge. So I did and I held it for a bit, then we I came down, I felt like I was being stabbed by over 10 and 21 millions of knives. I was literally lying on the ground, withering in pain, for about 10 minutes. No exaggerations. So I've learnt from that to NEVER EVER stretch your bridge when you're on your period. NEVER.

 Moving on, because that is a awkward subject that I don't like talking about.

Have I told you that I've decided what I want to write my first book on? No, I haven't, because I only had the great idea this morning. Well, I want to write it set in ancient Greece. And it will be a mystery/horror book. But that's all you can know. Otherwise it'll be ruined.
I need to do lots of research about Ancient Greece before I actually start writing, but that's okay since I love that kind of history.

I need your opinion on something, should I, or should I not, dye my hair ginger? 
Let me know what'cha think.

Anywya, here's a funny photo for you all since my blog was slightly boring tonight.
So true.
And, here are some inspiring quotes. 

what is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable? - John Green

I'm finished now. So I shall make my awkward departure like always.

Bye bye, little unicorn-trainees.
We both know you only read my blogs to learn the way of the unicorn. No need to hide it, it's nothing to e ashamed of. Embrace your inner unicorn. Unless you don't have one.. In that case, just embrace your inner weird, everyone has that.

Lecy xx

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