Saturday, 3 August 2013

A bit of this, and a pinch of that.

Guess what I did today?! Guess, guess, guess! Come on, keep trying, you're getting close! 
I was lying, you were so far from guessing what I did today. Knowing you, you probably didn't even guess. 
Since you all suck at this game I don't know if I should tell you.. 
But I will, cause I'm such a nice lady. (See what I did there? I think I'm a lady, but we all know I'm not..)
I drove the beast today. Okay, it's not really a beast, but it's humongous compared to the little car I usually drive.. Also, I learnt that driving an Auto is so much easier than a Manual! I even practiced staring with my knees (don't tell my mum). 

Then, cause I'm obviously my parents favorite child, they got me stuff so I could make iced coffees. After persuading them that it was better to do that than go to a cafe. Cause they wanted to take me out for coffee. Cause I'm their favorite.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Om nom nom nom

Oh look! They got me pineapple lumps too!

Then I found pizza!

Naww, I'm so cute. I picked myself a flower..

But then all the coffee yumminess was GONE!
So then I had a nap to cheer myself up.

Oh, and in the morning I got some fabric. 
Then later in the afternoon, after a lot of procaffination, I finally made a skirt.
I made a top as well.. But yeah, that didn't end well..

This is my skirt.

It's a bit darker than it looks in these photos. But my old camera sucks. And I don't have a phone.

I feel like this post has been rather boring. So I'll tell you a funny story.
So today sometime, I was thinking about something (I don't remember what it was exactly) and then I thought to myself, 'why does everyone keep telling me to grow up? I'm only 14!' Then I realized I am, in fact, 16. So I'm sorry if I'm immature but it's obvious that I still think I'm 14. 

Haha, I bet you thought it was going to be me rapping! Sorry to disappoint. But you must admit it is a good song.

Who thinks I should do a vlog? I think it would be weird but Abby says I'd be really funny.. Personally I think I'd get camera shy and hide under the table. But if you want to see me vlog, let me know. I'll consider it. Depending on whether I like you or not. Kidding, I like you all. Well, most of you anyway, there are a couple of exceptions. 

Goodnight weirdos!
You're all weird now since you read my blog.
Once you're weird there's no going back.

Lecy xx


  1. I want a vlog (and an iced coffee. and that skirt)

    1. Maybe I'll do a vlog.. :P haha, I can also make you iced coffee. But not the skirt.. Sorry Jenny