Thursday, 8 August 2013

How not to save money.

So, everyone is always telling you how you can save money, and giving you  helpful hints on it and whatnot. But, lets be honest, they never actually help.

So I thought, maybe I should write a little blog on how I don't save my money. (You know me, always going against the flow..) I only thought this because I don't want to tell you how to save money when I can't do it myself. I have to practice what I preach. Or preach what I practice.

I'm actually trying so hard to save up for a car. But it's just so difficult. I'll let you all in on my great secrets of how to not save any of your hard earned money.

1. Find a shoe shop that always has sales. Find shoes you love. Buy shoes, but only when on sale so you can brag about how they were such a great bargain.

2. Get a debit plus card. Or a visa. Either is fine.

3. Find a website that has ridiculously cheap things you love. Mine is ASOS. Ahh, it has such amazing make up for such a little price! And free shipping! Free shipping is the best type of shipping.

4. Fall in love with books. Buy books for yourself and all your friends so they do the same.

5. Bye a nice phone. It will then brake and you'll have to send it away to get fixed. Then the people fixing it will decide that since you've dropped the phone it can't be covered by the warranty. Yay.

6. Buy an animal Onesie. Once you've got one, you'll NEED more.

7. Have jeans. Rip jeans in very awkward places. Buy new jeans.

Well, this is your guide line on how to not save money. Whether or not you use it or do the opposite is up to you. I do not give you permission to blame me if you spend all your savings.

Now that all the serious business has been dealt with, let us see what I did on Wednesday.
I was going to do a 'wardrobe Wednesday,' but I was just too tired to do it yesterday. So I'll do it today. I shall call it, 'Procrastinators fashion day,' and you'll never know when it's coming because it's specially made for procrastinators like myself. I'll try to make a better name for it soon. Cause I can see it getting huge.

I didn't wear anything crazy cool. But most days simple is best.
The coolest thing about what I'm wearing is that my shirt was from the Op shop. I love Op shopping.

I got bored of taking nice photos.

I'm not sure why I keep putting the flowers in my mouth.. But it was entertaining.

Oh, and this beautiful photo captured my oh so attractive, 'the sun is in my eyeballs, but I shan't blink,' face.

It almost looks like I need to sneeze.

And this photo, was just nice. It made my shirt look rather snazzy.

Well Lecy is finished rambling.
Quickly though, I've decided what I'm going to do with my life.
I'm going to write books. I don't know what kind yet, but I would like to write books.

Yup, done now.

Peace out, Muppets.

Lecy xx

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