Friday, 30 November 2012

New shoes. Oh how I love shoes!

So yesterday, mother and I went shopping for shoes (for her, not me) and while we were looking I found some shoes on clearance for $20 down from $90, and I had been eyeing up that exact pair of shoes for a while so I asked my mum if I could have them, she said yes! :D 

Aren't they beautiful?! I love them, a lot. 
I've had a pair like this, but in black. I'm stepping into a whole new world of shoe land! This is the first time I've ever had a pair of shoes that is this kind of colour, normally I just get black or some bright colour.. :P 

And now I'll share some photos of what I've been up to today so far...

So after playing with my shoes I played with flowers. I like flowers.

Watch out!

Bush Maori! 

Hahahaha! I make me laugh so much sometimes.. :P 

Anyway I best be going, music practice awaits! 
Oh have I told you that my violin teacher is going to make me do music exams next year?! 
Cause she is. 

Bye bye! 

Lecy xx

P.S I hope my bush Maori side didn't scare you too much ;) tehehe

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Conclusions I've come to on this lovely Wednesday afternoon...

So today I've been thinking quite a bit about growing up, I've realized, that no matter how hard I try not to grow up, I will actually have to. Also I realized that I hate jumping off high things.. So that might be a problem for being in the SAS.. Jumping off an air plane would be rather high... So I've come to the conclusion that the SAS isn't for me. Sad isn't it? It would of been so much fun! 
And now that that's not a possibility I have no idea what I should do instead! 
Maybe possibly I could do a short nanny course or something? And work part time, as well as finishing off year 13 Cambridge school work stuff? Could that be a good idea? Cause I really don't know.. 

On to none important things such as NCEA level 1 maths, that stuff is pretty easy compared to my Cambridge maths.. I kinda wish I did NCEA instead of Cambridge.. But then I don't because I always like a good challenge, unless it's maths.. I hate maths.. :P

  And another thing! My brother is getting married in SIXTEEN DAYS! 
That's very soon! 
And I have horse vaulting show the week after.. I guess you could say I'm a little bit stressed. Not really sure why but these sound like good excuses. :P 

Another conclusion I've come to today is that bruises hurt, especially when you have over twenty just on one leg! 

Also I've realized that I say also a lot and that my bloggingness isn't as cool when I don't put photos in, so here is a photo of me trying to be cool and Abby just being a babe like always.

That's all the conclusions I can remember that I came up with today so I'm leaving now.. :P

Lecy xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

High tea hens night! featuring chocolate twister..

Look! It's me and Jenny! :P 

So it was Natasha's Hens night on Saturday night and it was pretty awesome.. 
As you can see some of my highlights were taking photos of all the pretty things! And getting everything ready with Jenny was really fun! 
Overall it was really fun, when people got there they just got a cup of tea in a cute tea cup, then we quizzed Tash on how well she knows Toby (She got like 50% or something right..) then we unleashed the fun with the toilet paper wedding dress game! Once the toilet paper had been cleared away we did some scrap booking for Tash.. :) 
And when all the older people left we had dinner, watched some movies and played chocolate twister! 
(Chocolate twister was Jennys idea :P) 
It was very fun!! 
And then me and Jenny both wanted to watch The Phantom of the Opera (No one else had seen it! :O )
So we put it on and all of us apart from Jenny and Tash fell asleep.. 
But we didn't fall asleep before we quoted Donkey from Shrek,
"We can stay up late, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!" 
We all thought that was really appropriate since we were having waffles in the morning.. 

Yum yum! 

Anyway I hope you had a really fun time Tash! :D It was fun organising it with Jenny and Milly, and I'm pretty sure we're the coolest bridesmaids ever.. ;) 
And Thank you Milly and Jenny for helping me so much! I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help! 

Well goodbye! 

Lecy xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

It's not nothing, it's nothing much!

So today was productive in many ways. 
I did quite a fair bit of procrastinating.. Swings are fun and I like giant daisy chains! 
But I did also manege to get lots of school work done! Which I very good, cause normally I just do one or the other.. Not both! :P 

But today I was told to sleep in by my mummy. So I had to obey, I had no choice! :P 
(She only let me cause we had a ragging parting in the weekend..Jokes it was just Tashs hens night!! (More on that shortly..)) And when I woke up I got straight into my school work! (Once I'd gotten a cup of tea!) But my only problem was that I was working outside in the sunshine! So I fell asleep soon after I started.. But it was only a short nap! Then I was back into business with my school work.. I did quite a lot of maths and English today (two of my least favourite subjects..) so that was very good. 

 Enough of my boring school work talk! Now I'll tell you what I did while I was procrastinating!
Firstly, I did some stretching.. I pulled a muscle in my hip the other day so I'm trying to make it better!!
Secondly, I put on my pretty floral heels and decided I needed a pretty top to match..

Look at these! Aren't they beautiful?! They were cheaper than chips too! Only 3 dollars ;D pretty sweet deal if you ask me! 

Once I'd put the heels on I wanted to go on the swing.. 
So I did.
I look pretty fabulous, don't you think? 

Then I went exploring around my back yard and found that the first Christmas lily had flowered :D 
Pretty, don't you think? :)

Thennnnn I was thinking about broccoli so I thought I'd take a photo of my garden and show you how it's going..
mmmm Broccoli<3 

and broccoli got me thinking of bacon.. 
And the little bacon happened to be running around on the farm when I thought that! 
Looks yummy doesn't it? ;) mm mmm bacon! 

Oh look! A giant daisy chain made out of flowers that aren't daisies! So in other words a giant flower chain..

Ohhh and before I forget it's the cute Isabelle's second birthday today!! So go say happy birthday, now before it's to late!! :P

Isn't she cute?! And that is the lovely tutu my mother mad her out of my amazing material :P

Anyway, I'm getting sleepy now! So until next time chummy chum chums! :P 

Lecy xx 

Oh P.S I found out on friday that one of my older brothers is pretty much my biggest fan.. :P Yes I'm talking about you Andrew! Hahaha!! He get's his super awesome wife Jenny to read him my blog :P I thought that was really funny.. So I thought I'd share it with you all.. :P

Friday, 16 November 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday! ...On Friday..

So today, I was playing around with my clothes.. (While I was meant to be doing school work..) And I found what could quite possibly be my new favourite summer outfit! (So far, anyway..) 
So this is what it was: 
I feel super cool when I wear this top cause I'm pretty much wearing a cape..

And then you take the skirt off...

Hey look! I'm wearing shorts! :P
(Do you like my bruise? I have over ten just on one leg..)

(That's not fat poking out over my pants, it was the top cause I tucked it in :P )  

 Yup, so that's what I wore today.. Well part of the day anyway..
If you want to read a blog that does Wardrobe Wednesday (On Wednesdays :P) go read Jenny's blog :)

Oh! And yesterday my Ipod decided to freeze for forever so I had to restore it and lost all my music :'( 
Annnnnnnd today my lovely mother decided that since I'm not doing real exams this year, I can just do 'mocks' but I have 6 to do next week :\ and there like the Cambridge exams from last year so they're barely mocks.. But I'll live! (And most likely get everything wrong.. :P ) 

But now I'll stop rambling cause I gotta go do some baking for Natasha's hens night tomorrow :D  
(I'll blog about that next time maybe..)

So long uber cool cats! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'm not going to grow up.. Never ever.

So I've decided I never want to grow up.
I've taken your advice Taylor Swift
So the reason I've come to this colusion (feel inside joke :P ) is quite simple really.. 
My sister-in-law-to-be has decided that I shouldn't join the NZ SAS when I grow up. I don't see why not?! Like how awesome would it be to be like the girl version of Bear Grylls?! It would be insane. But nevertheless she said she'd miss me.. So I'll think about considering not joining.. Just for you Tash. 

And also, growing up means I could no longer be ridiculously obsessed with Mumford & Sons.. Cause it's weird being all like fan-girlish when you're like 25.. It's just not cool.. So I shall forever think that I'm 15. Oh and if you want to you can watch this Mumford & Sons interview, it's so funny. I love it. A lot. 

Another reason why it's stupid to grow up is cause everyone is like, "You'll get married one day," and I'm just sitting here like...No. I don't want to get married. Ever. Never ever want to. It's weird.. Tash told me so.. :P 

And growing up means I won't just be able to procrastinate and wear blue bow ties.. I love my bow tie. I can't possible grow up and love it less. I just can't.

So I guess you could pretty much call me the female version of Peter Pan.. I like to think that I'm a little bit cooler than that kid though. I don't fight Captain hook, I distract him with my awesome bow ties. ;) 

Well I should shut up now.. :P No one cares about how I don't want to grow up.. I could go on for forever.. 

So long! 

Lecy xx 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Little things that make me smile...

So you've probably wondered before, "what makes Lecy smile?" And now is the time I will share with you some things that make me smile!

So the other day my bestie (Abby) sent me this link on facebook.. I didn't watch it straight away, but when I did I couldn't stop laughing! It is such a funny song! And this was what it was:

 It makes me laugh every time I listen to it. :D 

And of course Flight of the conchords makes me smile as well.. They're just too cool! 

Seriously, who doesn't laugh when they listen to this song?! It's just pure awesomeness in a song.

And all this sunshine is making me happy! I love summer. 

Ohhhh and my Brother (Toby) and Natasha are getting married TWENTY EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm beyond excited. 

aren't they cute?! 

Also, my vaulting team makes me smile! 
We're so cool ;) hehe

Make-up makes me smile too, I love playing with that stuff! Today I was putting some liquid eye liner on and I normally do that stuff pretty thick(ish) when I do it, but today I  was like, "I'm just going to do it reaaaaally thin and see if I like it. So I did. And I loved it. 
I'd show all you cool kids what it looks like but I really can't be bothered to take a photo.. So sorry.. :P

But anyway.. More things that make me smile. I'll just write a list, shall I? I'll do it. Right now.
Music, I love it so much, we're like bffls. 

Coffee makes me smile too! And ridiculously funny and hyper..

Talking to Abby on the phone for at least an hour almost every single day makes me happy too.. I don't even know how we can do it. We just aimlessly talk about nothing.. Well I do anyway, she probably tells me important things but I just don't pay attention to those things :P
Look! It's me and Abby! Isn't she beautiful?! 

Oh and just another thing that makes me really really happy would be my Nieces and Nephews! :D I have 6 and 1/2 in total! (The half is cause my sister in law, Jenny, is pregnant with her 3rd baby! And I'm pretty sure if it's a girl she'll be naming it after me.. Aye Jenny? ;P ) So far I have 3 of each, 3 Nieces and 3 Nephews. And they all got their good looks from me.. ;) Tehehe :P 

Anyway I think that's enough of what makes me smile. I've rambled enough for today...

What kind of things make you smile? Do my blogs make you smile? ;P

Lecy xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm pretty much the next Bear Grylls..

Why? Well because today I killed a spider with my own bare hands. I know, pretty impressive aye? I thought so.

Oh also went to the dentist today. I. Hate.Dentists. I don't hate the actual people, I just hate what they do. I went at 2 p.m and I was there till about 3:10 p.m.. It wasn't fun.. AND! My mouth is still sore!! And it's like 10:30! Craziness, I know.

I did do some cool stuff today though, I went to the beach! :D It was really fun, I wrote some Bible verses in the sand, listened to music and took some photos :) Wanna see some? I know you do!

This is the lovely Kapiti Island :)

My jandals.. I know you love them..

Bible verse - John 15:12

This is my, 'I'm so sad I can't go to Mumford & Sons concert face' 

Also, while I was at the beach I was practising my, "blue steal," I think I'm getting pretty good.. ;) 
And no, I didn't just say that cause I didn't want people to think I was doing the weird 'duck face,' it was because I was actually doing blue steal :P 
And this is my, 'Mumford & Sons just started playing on my Ipod,' face..

Yeah so that's my blog for the day.. I'm off to do my maths now. (My favourite time of day!) <-- Sarcasm  in case you were wondering..

I'll see you cool kids next time I ramble about nothing important! 
Lecy xx

 P.S You should all probably show me a photo of yourselves doing blue steal.. And I'll tell you if you're as good as me ;) 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday night sadness.. And adventures in Hastings!

So, it's Sunday night, precisely nine O'clock.
What makes this Sunday night so sad? Mumford & Sons are playing in Wellington!! And I'm not there! I'm just at home writing this blog about not being there.. :'( Sad isn't it?

Anyway, on to happy things now!
I went away this weekend, to the lovely Hawks Bay. Where my brother, his wife, Jenny (you should read her blog..), their two cute kids and my other brother and his wife-to-be (also known as, my-sister-to-be hehe) all live. It was very fun! Us girls did some wedding planning type stuff. We were on our hands and knees working so hard! (we weren't really.. We were just cutting up some burlap..But I made us sound pretty good, aye?)

But all the fun began when it was dark and the sparklers were brought out!
Isn't she cute?! 

Then today after church we went for an adventure (by adventure I mean picnic..), to this really pretty water fall! 
Me and Toby :)

Me and Tash (sister-in-law-to-be)

water fall! 

That's enough from me for now! I'll be back at a later date with more ramblings about my day-to-day life.. 
Goodnight :) 
Lecy xx