Monday, 19 November 2012

It's not nothing, it's nothing much!

So today was productive in many ways. 
I did quite a fair bit of procrastinating.. Swings are fun and I like giant daisy chains! 
But I did also manege to get lots of school work done! Which I very good, cause normally I just do one or the other.. Not both! :P 

But today I was told to sleep in by my mummy. So I had to obey, I had no choice! :P 
(She only let me cause we had a ragging parting in the weekend..Jokes it was just Tashs hens night!! (More on that shortly..)) And when I woke up I got straight into my school work! (Once I'd gotten a cup of tea!) But my only problem was that I was working outside in the sunshine! So I fell asleep soon after I started.. But it was only a short nap! Then I was back into business with my school work.. I did quite a lot of maths and English today (two of my least favourite subjects..) so that was very good. 

 Enough of my boring school work talk! Now I'll tell you what I did while I was procrastinating!
Firstly, I did some stretching.. I pulled a muscle in my hip the other day so I'm trying to make it better!!
Secondly, I put on my pretty floral heels and decided I needed a pretty top to match..

Look at these! Aren't they beautiful?! They were cheaper than chips too! Only 3 dollars ;D pretty sweet deal if you ask me! 

Once I'd put the heels on I wanted to go on the swing.. 
So I did.
I look pretty fabulous, don't you think? 

Then I went exploring around my back yard and found that the first Christmas lily had flowered :D 
Pretty, don't you think? :)

Thennnnn I was thinking about broccoli so I thought I'd take a photo of my garden and show you how it's going..
mmmm Broccoli<3 

and broccoli got me thinking of bacon.. 
And the little bacon happened to be running around on the farm when I thought that! 
Looks yummy doesn't it? ;) mm mmm bacon! 

Oh look! A giant daisy chain made out of flowers that aren't daisies! So in other words a giant flower chain..

Ohhh and before I forget it's the cute Isabelle's second birthday today!! So go say happy birthday, now before it's to late!! :P

Isn't she cute?! And that is the lovely tutu my mother mad her out of my amazing material :P

Anyway, I'm getting sleepy now! So until next time chummy chum chums! :P 

Lecy xx 

Oh P.S I found out on friday that one of my older brothers is pretty much my biggest fan.. :P Yes I'm talking about you Andrew! Hahaha!! He get's his super awesome wife Jenny to read him my blog :P I thought that was really funny.. So I thought I'd share it with you all.. :P

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