Friday, 16 November 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday! ...On Friday..

So today, I was playing around with my clothes.. (While I was meant to be doing school work..) And I found what could quite possibly be my new favourite summer outfit! (So far, anyway..) 
So this is what it was: 
I feel super cool when I wear this top cause I'm pretty much wearing a cape..

And then you take the skirt off...

Hey look! I'm wearing shorts! :P
(Do you like my bruise? I have over ten just on one leg..)

(That's not fat poking out over my pants, it was the top cause I tucked it in :P )  

 Yup, so that's what I wore today.. Well part of the day anyway..
If you want to read a blog that does Wardrobe Wednesday (On Wednesdays :P) go read Jenny's blog :)

Oh! And yesterday my Ipod decided to freeze for forever so I had to restore it and lost all my music :'( 
Annnnnnnd today my lovely mother decided that since I'm not doing real exams this year, I can just do 'mocks' but I have 6 to do next week :\ and there like the Cambridge exams from last year so they're barely mocks.. But I'll live! (And most likely get everything wrong.. :P ) 

But now I'll stop rambling cause I gotta go do some baking for Natasha's hens night tomorrow :D  
(I'll blog about that next time maybe..)

So long uber cool cats! 


  1. that is such a cute top! oh no! i would've hated my ipod to freeze! man that sucks
    where did you get the skirt from?!? its adorable! <3

    1. I know it's so awesome! tehe. Yeah it did suck!! The skirt is from tempt.. From like last year :P

  2. You're so cool!!! And really pretty! Oh and Beautiful. <3

    1. Hahahaha!! ;D whatever punk you're the most beautiful<3

  3. Awesome! You should totally join in over here and here - it's easy and you can join in every week, or whenever you feel like! x