Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Conclusions I've come to on this lovely Wednesday afternoon...

So today I've been thinking quite a bit about growing up, I've realized, that no matter how hard I try not to grow up, I will actually have to. Also I realized that I hate jumping off high things.. So that might be a problem for being in the SAS.. Jumping off an air plane would be rather high... So I've come to the conclusion that the SAS isn't for me. Sad isn't it? It would of been so much fun! 
And now that that's not a possibility I have no idea what I should do instead! 
Maybe possibly I could do a short nanny course or something? And work part time, as well as finishing off year 13 Cambridge school work stuff? Could that be a good idea? Cause I really don't know.. 

On to none important things such as NCEA level 1 maths, that stuff is pretty easy compared to my Cambridge maths.. I kinda wish I did NCEA instead of Cambridge.. But then I don't because I always like a good challenge, unless it's maths.. I hate maths.. :P

  And another thing! My brother is getting married in SIXTEEN DAYS! 
That's very soon! 
And I have horse vaulting show the week after.. I guess you could say I'm a little bit stressed. Not really sure why but these sound like good excuses. :P 

Another conclusion I've come to today is that bruises hurt, especially when you have over twenty just on one leg! 

Also I've realized that I say also a lot and that my bloggingness isn't as cool when I don't put photos in, so here is a photo of me trying to be cool and Abby just being a babe like always.

That's all the conclusions I can remember that I came up with today so I'm leaving now.. :P

Lecy xx

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