Monday, 5 November 2012

I'm pretty much the next Bear Grylls..

Why? Well because today I killed a spider with my own bare hands. I know, pretty impressive aye? I thought so.

Oh also went to the dentist today. I. Hate.Dentists. I don't hate the actual people, I just hate what they do. I went at 2 p.m and I was there till about 3:10 p.m.. It wasn't fun.. AND! My mouth is still sore!! And it's like 10:30! Craziness, I know.

I did do some cool stuff today though, I went to the beach! :D It was really fun, I wrote some Bible verses in the sand, listened to music and took some photos :) Wanna see some? I know you do!

This is the lovely Kapiti Island :)

My jandals.. I know you love them..

Bible verse - John 15:12

This is my, 'I'm so sad I can't go to Mumford & Sons concert face' 

Also, while I was at the beach I was practising my, "blue steal," I think I'm getting pretty good.. ;) 
And no, I didn't just say that cause I didn't want people to think I was doing the weird 'duck face,' it was because I was actually doing blue steal :P 
And this is my, 'Mumford & Sons just started playing on my Ipod,' face..

Yeah so that's my blog for the day.. I'm off to do my maths now. (My favourite time of day!) <-- Sarcasm  in case you were wondering..

I'll see you cool kids next time I ramble about nothing important! 
Lecy xx

 P.S You should all probably show me a photo of yourselves doing blue steal.. And I'll tell you if you're as good as me ;) 

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