Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday night sadness.. And adventures in Hastings!

So, it's Sunday night, precisely nine O'clock.
What makes this Sunday night so sad? Mumford & Sons are playing in Wellington!! And I'm not there! I'm just at home writing this blog about not being there.. :'( Sad isn't it?

Anyway, on to happy things now!
I went away this weekend, to the lovely Hawks Bay. Where my brother, his wife, Jenny (you should read her blog..), their two cute kids and my other brother and his wife-to-be (also known as, my-sister-to-be hehe) all live. It was very fun! Us girls did some wedding planning type stuff. We were on our hands and knees working so hard! (we weren't really.. We were just cutting up some burlap..But I made us sound pretty good, aye?)

But all the fun began when it was dark and the sparklers were brought out!
Isn't she cute?! 

Then today after church we went for an adventure (by adventure I mean picnic..), to this really pretty water fall! 
Me and Toby :)

Me and Tash (sister-in-law-to-be)

water fall! 

That's enough from me for now! I'll be back at a later date with more ramblings about my day-to-day life.. 
Goodnight :) 
Lecy xx


  1. that looks so cool! i see a certain little bro sneaked into one of your pictures! did you like his jeans!! they are so cool! hehe ------ she is adorable!! (isabelle)

    1. Yeah he was throwing things in the water while we were taking photos! Haha and his jeans are awesome!! I wish I had some! :P

    2. haha mama got hem in Aussie from Cotton On Kids, wish i could have some as well!

    3. I'm so going to try and find some! haha

  2. Was fun to have ya! And yes you did work pretty hard and have the sore knees to show for it! Love that squinty Isabub photo :)

    1. Was nice you let me stay ;P haha my knees weren't that sore.. They just stung a bit! And it's such a funny photo of her! :)