Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rambles and whatnot

I'm sorry I've been absent for two days. I know you must have missed me, so I apologize. But I do actually have a life. I know it may surprise some of you, believe me, it surprises me as well.

Hmm.. What shall I ramble about..

I'll start off by telling you about how mum my doesn't understand the greatness of snap chat. Whenever she sees me taking weird photos she tells me off. She claims it's vain. But I can't see how it's vain taking stupid photos of yourself and letting your friends see them for a couple of seconds. I think it's hilarious. 

Also, I went to the library today on a mission to find some books by George McDonald and to find the Iliad by Homer. But I was devastated to discover that they weren't there! So that was disappointing. But I guess the four books I'm reading at the moment will keep me going for a little while longer. 

Ugh, you know what else I did today? I cleaned my room. It was fine till I realized I should clean under my bed. That thought scared me since I'm pretty sure I haven't ever cleaned under it. Which meant I was going to find all my brothers old rotten socks. And spiders. I'm not sure what's worse, but I found both. I may have screamed when I saw all the spiders. I'm not saying I did, I'm just saying that there is a very high chance I did. Any-who, I did it and all was well after having a nap. Fine, I didn't actually have a nap, I just read. Which is just as good. 

Well, I was talking to the coolest person ever on the phone before and I kept saying all my words wrong. And I was like, "I keep making like typos, but with my speaking.." So I think I need to come up with a word for that.. 

Well, I have nothing else on my mind that I care to ramble about right now. So I'll do some more confessions. Cause, lezbehonest, you all what to know more about me.

1. I had a lot of things to blog about before, but now my mind has gone blank.

2. I love it when people randomly tell me that they like my blogs. 

3. I'm really insecure about my laugh. Everyone always tells me it's weird so I hate laughing in front of people I don't know. Unless I'm in a mood when I don't care what people think. Which is most of the time. 

4. I really miss my phone. 

5. If I could marry anyone, I would marry either Ben or Winston from Mumford and Sons. 

6. But I'm never getting married. Cause no guy would be able to handle me. I'm just too full on. And weird and all that stuff. Plus, no guy will ever meant my high expectations. Then if they do (which is very unlikely), they probably won't be able to handle all my brothers. But if they some how pass my brothers without running away, they'll never get past my sister-in-law Milly. 

7. Going from the facts in number 6, I'm forever alone. 

8. But that's what I want. Writing books is easier alone. So I will be alone. Forever. 

9. I really want to go to bed and read right now, but I know you all missed me so I will finish this blog. 

10. I know what I'm going to write my first book about. But I shan't tell you. Haha.

11. I'm always tired. So my mum thinks I'm lacking in iron or something. Now I have to have this weird tonic stuff with heaps of healthy stuff in twice a day.

12. I'm really, really excited for summer. 

13. I used to call my brother a tub of lard. My friend reminded me of this the other day when she randomly remembered it. 

14. I'm not 14 anymore. Even though I sometimes think I am..

15. I've already accepted the fact that I'm not going to pass my maths exam on Tuesday. 

16. I'm trying to teach myself how to play the song, "summer" by Vivaldi on the violin. It's hard. 

17. My best friend is almost 17. I'm taking her to the Passenger concert for her birthday present. 

18. I've made over 2,000 dollars this year. But I've spent all of it. I can't even remember what I've spent it all on. I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A CAR WITH ALL THAT MONEY! 

19. I'm finished. This is boring. 

20. What I really mean is, I haven't read for over half an hour. So I must leave before I die. 

21.I like calling you all Muppets. 

So farewell, Muppets!  


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