Friday, 2 August 2013

I really should nap less..

It's exactly 11 p.m. I'm wide awake. Why? Cause I was reading in bed before and I fell asleep. Now I feel like going nuts, but my parents are sleeping so I have to do it via blog.

I could be doing fun things right now, like actually hanging out with my friends. (I do have friends, even though I make it seem like I don't..) But nope. Some stuff happened so my parents were like, 'no no no, no friends over tonight.' So now I don't have anything to do. I would be playing on my phone, cause the other day I got this really exciting unicorn game, BUT I DON'T HAVE MY DUMB PHONE. Ugh, I didn't know how attached I was to that thing till I didn't have it. Today I kept thinking my phone was vibrating in my pocket, but it was just my imagination mocking me.. :(

I think it's safe for me to say that I have no life. All I do is sleep, eat, vault, read, nap, blog, eat, nap and drink coffee. Which is cool, I like it. That's not everything I do with my life, but it's the things I enjoy. Did I mention that I also really enjoy studying history? I do. In fact, I was doing that today. I was reading about the reformation and renaissance in Europe and I was getting really excited cause I'd get to read more about Martin Luther. But then, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. The stupid book didn't say a single thing about Martin Luther. So I protested. Now I have a new history book that does talk about Martin Luther. All is well now.
Also, while I was looking for the history book I found this really interesting Literature book. I got so excited. Now I'm studying two books on literature. If you hadn't noticed I love learning about old literature and history. I'm secretly a nerd. But no one knows it cause I don't let it show through my unicornness much. You should feel privileged that you've been let in on the secret.

Moving on from my secret identity..

I was looking through some old photos the other day, by old I mean a couple years back, and I found one of me just after I'd gotten a strike at bowling.

It was really exciting because I suck at bowling. 

Then I found this photo of when I dressed up as a sheep. I had rainbow legs cause black and white is too plain for me.

I'm going to stop this trip through memory lane now before I start posting really embarrassing photos. Even though I wouldn't even get embarrassed. It would be all you getting embarrassed of how cool I am. 

Yeah, so I'm gonna go read about history and stuff now. 
I know you're all jealous of my secret nerdness. If I were you I would be too.

Stop talking lecy, no one thinks you're funny.
I just politely told myself to shut up.
cause I never know how to finish my blogs.. It's quite awkward.
I feel like I need to say something really funny so you all come read them again but I can never think of anything.

*Runs away to hide in the corner*

Lecy x

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