Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lecy had a massive party. By herself.

*Running around in circles, trying to catch my unicorn tail.* 
Don't be jealous, we can't all be unicorns. Let alone cool unicorns that chase their tail. But luckily I am one of the few. So I will tell you about my glorious weekend filled with unicornness.

Well, the parents left sometime on Friday while I was at work, escaping while I wasn't home so they felt less guilty. I got a ride home with a work mate. Then the party of one had finally begun. I'd been waiting all day to get home just so I could hang out by myself and read with music playing loudly.

But, before I could read I had to make myself dinner. Because my parents don't love me enough to leave me a cooked dinner.. So I made the yummest chicken kebabs ever, with a side of potato wedges.

Then I read all night. Okay, not all night, but close, I couldn't read too much since I had work on Saturday which kinda killed the Friday night party. But at least I got to finish work two hours early on Saturday. Then Abby picked me up from work and we went to my house, had ice coffees and read our books together in the afternoon sunshine. T'was lovely. The dog attacked us. It was hilarious.
Then Abby left, and it was just me all alone. So the party began again. So I cooked. Then read. But then I finished my book so I didn't know what to do with myself so I cleaned. Weird right? But I cleaned for about two hours, then I got a new book and went to bed to read that one.
Then all I've been doing today is dancing around the house to Mumford & Sons playing really loudly. I also fell asleep outside when I was reading in the afternoon. Now I'm the slightest bit sun burnt, and it isn't even summer yet! But I guess that's what you get when you fall asleep in the sun for almost an hour..

But now my parents are home the glorious party has come to an end.

So I have decided I will build a blanket fort tonight. Because that's what all the cool unicorns do when the party ends. It's like the sprinkles on cupcakes. Unnecessary, but totally cool and exciting.

These are some pretty flowers I picked today whilst I was partying outside.

Pedro and I went for a bit of an adventure on Saturday night.

Sadly though, I don't think I'll be left home alone again for a very long time. My mum doesn't seem to like the fact that I loved being home alone. Seriously though, I LOVED it. I think I enjoy my own company too much.. Oh well.

Well, the unicorn must go back to reality now. Also, she needs to go to bed since she has work in the morning. *Very over dramatic, sad sigh* Why do all good things come to an end? No, I didn't just start singing that song by Nelly Furtado...

Lecy the unicorn has to leave now because she forgot what else she was going to blog about..

Adios to all my non-unicorn friends!
Even though I don't have any friends..
So I'm pretty much talking to myself. Well, that sounds about right.

Lecy x

Wow, I just kissed myself too.. My level of weird just keeps increasing.

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