Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I hide in blanket forts quite frequently

Ugh, so do any of you have those weeks where you just want to hide in a blanket fort with lots of books, chocolate and a coffee fountain? Well, I've been having one of those weeks. Not for any reasons in particular, I just really don't like growing up. I mean sure, some things about growing up are cool and stuff, but lets be honest, most of it sucks. Seriously, I get the weirdest looks from people when I'm wearing my unicorn onesie. I can feel them judging me for my childishness. But I know they're just jealous. 

So I came up with a solution for my problem of growing up; I just won't. I shall be like the girl version of Peter Pan. I'll make my own Never Never land. There shall be no lost boys in my land, just lost unicorns. That shall have mad battles with evil pirates that will eventually become good pirates and will polish the unicorns horns and feed them lots of carrots. I'll still get old, but I won't mature. And my magical land will just be my imagination. But what other choice do I have? None. Absolutely none. A part from possibly dying young.. But even if I do get old I'll still die young. (See the pun? Cause my last name is young.. ;) haha).

But according to my best friend, Abby, I sounded quite mature tonight when we were talking on the phone for the first time in forever. By forever I mean a whole week. I know, It's madness! I don't know how I survived a week without talking to my best friend. Anyway, she said I sounded "mature" cause I was talking about my feelings.. Pssssh I do that all the time. Okay, so maybe I don't.. But why would talking about my feelings make me sound more grown up? I just don't understand. 

I'm really not good at this whole, "growing up," thing. My dad likes to remind me of this fact often. Like tonight at dinner time he told me to grow up and finish my dinner. Cause I was telling mum how it wasn't fair that they always taught me to eat what I take, then when they serve dinner they give me far too much and expect me to eat it all. I tried saying that I didn't serve it to myself so I shouldn't finish it since I was full, but nope, I had to eat it all AND I had to grow up! I ate it, but I refuse to grow up. 

I'm really not sure where this ramble is going.. But it's almost 1 a.m! I should be sleeping, but my stupid mind is so awake. I'm so over tired that I no longer feel tired. It's the worst feeling ever. Ughh, especially since my body is aching with exhaustion but my mind is just like, "Nope, you're not tired. You're just lacking caffeine." Which is and isn't true. I am tired, but tiredness only comes from lack of caffeine.. So maybe my mind is right. Maybe I should just live on coffee and I'll never be tired. But then I'd die. I'd miss all my naps. 

I'm going to stop now. I'm not even sure why I wrote this.. It's weird. But that's what I am so all is well.

I'm going to read now to tire out my stupid, over productive mind.


Lecy x  

I don't know why I put an 'x' at the end of all my blogs.. I don't like hugs so I wouldn't hug any of you.. Maybe I'll stop. Yes, good plan Lecy, good plan.

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