Wednesday, 31 July 2013

This week, from Lecys perspective. Plus a peek into my holidays.

So I just had this crazy idea.. I'm going to try and write like a weekly review kinda thing. So all you cool cats can know what I've been up to and what not.

Shall we begin? Fine, if you don't want me to then I'll just leave.

Kidding ;) I can't leave now. And neither can you.. That's why you're still here.

Well, Sunday is church day. Then go home and nap all day. So that's pretty much what I did, oh and went to the beach.

Monday I worked. Yay, such fun.
Tuesday I took lots of photos off my walls. It was so hard! Looking at all the photos reminded me of how much things have changed, and showed me how some  people I once knew so well have changed so drastically. But that's how life goes. So I'll just put up new photos and it'll be fine. That's what I'll tell myself anyway.. Tuesday afternoon was excellent though since I was at vaulting for five hours. Vaulting always makes me happy. But it was also sad cause I sent my phone away to be fixed..

Today is Wed-nes-day, I had to sound it out so I thought I'd spell it like that.
I had my first exam of the year today.. I probably should have been more worried about it but I really didn't care. I think I did fine.. Okay so I could've done better.. But I'll pass, hopefully. And to end the day I'm procrastinating cause maths is lame. Oh! I also made dinner. I don't often make dinner, but when I do you know it'll be colourful. ;)

Tomorrow is Thursday, I'm going shopping! But I can't buy anything since I'm poor.. But I'll help my friend buy her 21st dress. It'll be a fun time.

Friday is a mystery and Saturday it'll probably be time for an adventure.

I think my blogs are boring without photos so here are some from the holidays:

I tried looking pretty.. But it just doesn't work out.

This one just makes me laugh..

My friend tried stealing my muffin, rude. 

Lecy <3's her muffin

I'm just such a babe.

I should really consider becoming a model.. ;) 

We tried looking normal, but it was hard so we gave up. 

anyway, that's enough from me tonight.
I'll be back to annoy you all again sometime soon.

Lecy x 

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