Monday, 29 July 2013

26 facts about this weirdo who's called lecy.

Why, hello there!
This is rather odd, isn't it? Two blogs in two days! I'm not sure how I should feel about this large amount of rambling.. Maybe I should get friends to ramble to. Nope, I shouldn't, cause they'd talk back and it wouldn't end well.

Back on topic! The reason, (I never have a reason to blog, so this'll be interesting..) I'm rambling this time is because I felt like letting you all know what I'm really like. So, I shall make a list of weird facts about myself. Bare with me here, I didn't plan this so I don't know how It will turn out.
Number one: Carrots and broccoli are my two favourite foods.
Number two: the other day I decided I have coffee brown eyes. Not chocolate, or poo brown like my brother used to tease me about, but coffee brown. Because I love coffee that much.
Number three: I love shoes. But dislike wearing them a lot.
Number four: I'm not sure why I keep putting number infront of every number.. so I'll stop.
Five: I have an exam on Wednesday. This is one of my many ways of procrastinating.
Six: one time, while I was sleeping I took my pants off. And I woke up and I was really confused and I wasn't sure what happened. And to this day I am still confused.
Seven: I am the seventh child in my family. I always claim I'm the best since seven is Gods number.
Eight: for some reason, when I wrote eight it reminded me of when I tried learning the guitar. I tried for about a term. Music just isn't my thing..
Nine: once when I was nine I was having a sleep over with my best friend and a pipe in her house burst. I got home sick cause I thought the house was going to flood and we were all going to die. I went home. That's the only time I remember getting home sick and going home.
Ten: I hate mushrooms.
Eleven: I used to really like Taylor swift. Still do, just not so much since she released her red album.
Twelve: when I was a toddler I killed a guinea pig.. long story.. it was out of jealousy.
Thirteen: I like to think I'm an antisocial unicorn.
Fourteen: this is really difficult.
Fifteen: when I was fifteen I got my first real job.
Sixteen: on my sixteenth birthday, I fell down the stairs on my way to bed.
Seventeen: I love rock music. And mumford and sons.
Eighteen: when I'm eighteen I want to have moved out of home.
Nineteen: I don't want to get married. I will be a crazy cat lady.. but I won't have cats, cause they're dumb.
Twenty: I'm in a gang.
Twenty one: I'm not going to have a twenty first party. I would die of humiliation. So I'm hoping to be overseas by then.
Twenty two: it feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters. Forever and always a Taylor swift fan at heart.
Twenty three: no one likes you when you're twenty three. Well, that's what blink 182 taught me anyway.
Twenty four: growing up is dumb.
Twenty five: my magical unicorn powers are sensing that you're all bored. So last one.
Twenty six: I quit kindy early cause I was bullied by some fat Asian kid. (Not being said in a racist way)

Well, I'm sure you're all sick of me now. (Even though you probably gave up and didn't make it this far..)

Peace out homies.
Lecy is from the hood. Don't be hatin cause you ain't.

Ill shut up now. Its far past bed time as you can most likely tell.

Lecy xx

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  1. I just read this to Andrew and he was in tears laughing!