Monday, 16 June 2014

The life of Lecy ft. Ellie Goulding and Mike Rosenberg (a.k.a Passenger)

I've gathered you all here today to tell you something very important. It is probably one of the greatest things you'll ever be told in your life (or close to). I saw Ellie Goulding live on Monday night, annnnnnd, SHE LOOKED ME IN THE EYES! Yeah, not even kidding, Ellie Goulding looked right at me. I was totally her favourite person at the whole concert, and she was my favourite too. She has such an amazing voice and oh my goodness she's just so fiiiit. And English. Very English indeed. I like her.

Doesn't she look amazing?!
She likes triangles.

We had a bucket load of fun waiting in line for five hours in our super cool raincoat plastic bag things. Plus we got cool beanies.

As you can see we made some exciting friends that liked to photo bomb.

That's right, our waiting paid off! We were right at the front.

Well, not only did I see Ellie Goulding live this week, I also received my pre-ordered Passenger album! It's called whispers and it has flippin pop up art and everything! It's beautiful. I almost cried when I got it, I couldn't handle how incredible it was. Then it was worse when I actually listened to the music on it. Such a good album. Scare away the dark is probably one of the best songs off the album.
(The video is kinda weird, but entertaining)

Anyway, enough about my social life (if that even counts as a social life). I've been really busy with school and just life in general recently, and this afternoon I went for a bike down to the river. It reminded me that sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget how to live, and we try so hard to make time for God but it always seems fruitless because we're only doing it out of legalism. It reminded me that sometimes the only quiet time we need with God is to just step outside and take a look around us. It's good to have a pause in the rush of everything to just look at creation and thank the Creator, and the best way for that is to go for a walk or something.

It was kinda funny, while I was staring at the river flow speedily past I was getting dizzy, so I looked ahead to wear the river ended up, and it stopped the dizziness. It made me think that that's kinda like life, we get caught looking at everything that's happening around us and we freak out and get stressed. We always forget to look ahead and see what our God has planned for us. We dizzy ourselves and can't see where we're going, so sometimes we just need to step back and remember who walks beside us every day, guiding us and protecting us.

But enough of all that deep and meaningful stuff, I can never stay there long or I'll ramble on forever.

How about we look at some photos from my adventure today.

I found a rock. Some might say it looks like a love heart.

I found cute little flowers. And took selfies with no make up, because I can be pretty without looking plastic. Natural is my new favourite thing.

These weird flowers were really exciting and pretty.

Oh, another selfie.

Isn't it lovely?

Even overcast days can be beautiful.

Well I think that's enough from me for now. I'm hungry.. Have a fantastic week everybody! Lecy is out! 

P.S. Some weirdo gave me flowers the other day. I really have no idea what's happening to my life now. Just a whole lot of weird.

Bye little boogers!
Lecy xx

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