Friday, 16 May 2014

A whole lot of nothing much, not just nothing.

I've have so many funny stories I could begin this blog with, but they've all conveniently escaped my mind all of a sudden. So I'll just tell you all the boring things that have been happening to me lately. Actually, nope.. I don't want to tell you boringness. Instead I'll tell you that I'm a grown up child now, I'm 17. Yup, that's right, I'm getting 'ancient,' as one of my vaulting team mates informed me. But I don't think I'm ancient, I'm only half way to 34.. That's still ages till I'm old. 

Right now I'm supposed to be writing a history essay, but I'm just too cold to think. So blogging sounded far better. We know I'm procrastinating terribly when I resort to writing a blog.. But I felt sorry for you all, going so long with not hearing from me. I know you've missed me horribly. 

I know I have a million things I wanted to write about, but I just don't remember any of them.. So I'm sorry. But I will tell you I was pretending to be a lamppost the other day.. And I've had a few eventful days recently, of which you don't need to hear, and I don't need to write of. But just remember, I tried to run away. I really did, but sometimes people don't let you run away. Not fair. But I'm alive, and I'm no longer a lamppost. 

I would like to tell you all that my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday this year. By asked I mean mum gave me two options of which I chose neither. I decided I want a big wooden wardrobe, to remind me of Narnia. So I'm really excited because they said they'll get me one!

I've realized my blogs are very relevant to the name, I ramble a lot. But that's okay, that's what I do.. And now I've run out of things to ramble about, how unfortunate.

I just want to take a moment to thank my mum and my dad for raising me, I know I'm a difficult grown up child. But I really appreciate that my mum homeschooled me. Looking back, I know I sometimes hated it when I was younger, but now I can see how good it was for me. It's funny looking back and remembering all the funny little books my mum used to read me, and seeing how it set me up for my love of reading.

*I sneezed here*

But anyway, it must be bed time soon. By soon I mean I'm going to go call Abby for a few hours since I haven't talked to her in almost a week. I don't know how I survived.
But thank you to everyone who made my birthday so great, I did have a fabulous day even though it was barely mentioned. Breakfast was definitely a high light, especially my massive coffee. 

But anyway, goodnight little munchkins. Have a lovely night! 

Lecy xx

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