Sunday, 13 October 2013

I was social for two weeks, that's enough socializing to last a year at least.

So, this afternoon I'm going to inform you of why I always nap. I haven't always enjoyed having naps, but I do now. Well, the reason I started having naps is simple. I wanted to hide from reality. Without it being bad and destroying my life. I guess a year or so ago I would just lay on my bed and fall asleep to numb the pain of reality. It was my way of dulling the pain for a bit. Because when I would wake up everything would seem less real, until someone would talk about it again. But yeah, sometimes I sleep because I can't handle things in life. You could say it's my way of crying since I rarely cry. But normally I just sleep cause I love it. And when I say I wanted to hide from reality, I'm not implying that my life was extremely bad, it was just hard and sometimes I couldn't cope, so I slept.
Yeah, so that's why I nap so much now I guess.. It's just become a habit. Plus I'm always tired.

Shall we move on from nap time to how I handled not reading for almost two whole weeks? Yes, yes we shall.

I DIDN'T HANDLE IT. Gosh, I was so close to death from my lack of reading. Tonight my brain will most likely decide that it wants to catch up the two weeks in one night. I won't complain till the morning when I have to get up for work. But oh well. This week, or all of tonight, I'm going to be studying 'Aeneid' by Virgil. I'm really excited. Also I'm going to finish my Essay on predestination. You guys can't read it. I'm so cool, I write essays for fun. I know you're all jealous of my nerdiness and supreme coolness. But jealousy is a sin, so you'll need to get over it..

I've also come up with another reason as to why I can never possibly get married; no man will ever be able to understand my passion for learning and stuff. So they'll get jealous and I'll feel mean. So I'll be nice and never love anyone. Just books. And horse vaulting.
I suppose if I ever met a guy who was as excited about learning the same things as me, I might consider him as a possibility - but that's very unlikely. 'Cause if he was smart he'd probably be very cocky, which would be so unappealing. So I can't get married. I'm too smart for that. 

 I feel like I should tell you about what I did over the holidays but I really can not be bothered. So instead I'll just share some photos of my friend and I. We're quite physically attractive. (Inside joke..)

The Platypus face is the new duck face. It'll be huge soon, you'll see. All thanks to me.

I'm done. By done I mean I want to go read forever now.
So goodnight goofy goobers.

Lecy xx

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