Friday, 7 June 2013

Completely pointless ramblings, cause I've been hiding in a cave.

*Crawls out from cave into bright sunlight* It burns! It burns!

Boo! I bet I scared you when you saw that I had written a new blog. It scared me as well.
I know you've all missed my blogs, and I'm sorry! I'll try and write more..

I'm not actually sure what I'm going to write about so bare with me, and we'll see where this goes..

I should probably just let you all know that I am now sixteen AND I got my learners licence! So I've been learning how to drive, I'm actually getting pretty good.

Also, I've just been to the Impact Bible conference in Hastings. It was AMAZING! I learnt so much (I won't bore you with all that right now.. :P ) I also made some really cool new friends.
Here's a video of the conference and if you skip to 4:19 you'll see me ;)  *Impact video here*

Have you ever wondered what unicorns do with their spare time? Nope, me neither. But just in case you ever do, or perhaps already have, here is a photo of what this unicorn does with her spare time.

This is just a random photo that I thought you might find a little amusing.

Well, this blog has been completely meaningless and most likely boring. 
But I tried, okay? 
I just haven't done that much cool stuff recently to tell you about.. But when I do, I'll be sure to blog about it! 

So until then, little bloggers! 
(Tehehe if you say it without the 'l' and an extra 'o' it's booggers) 
Blog on! 

Lecy xx 

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