Friday, 26 October 2012



Thanks for bothering to read my first ever blog, you're pretty much my best friend now.

My name is Elysia - just by the way. It's lovely to meet you.

Last night I was on the phone talking to my best friend (as I do quite often, might I add) and I suddenly had this brilliant idea to write a blog! So I was thinking.. What do people normally blog about? I came to the conclusion that I really didn't know. But I decided to write one anyway! So my blogs will be about; things I do in my day - to - day life, such as, the bright orange shorts I made a couple weeks back, most likely I'll talk about make-up.. A lot.. And I'll just share all the funny things I think and do. I'll also talk about my cute nieces and nephews!

Anyway back to business! Here is a photo of my amazingly bright shorts I made! I know you'll probably love them as much as me..

 (Just a quick side note about the shorts - When I showed my little nephew Noah if he liked them he said, "No they're too handsome!" I laughed, then he went on to say, "you'll look too pretty in them!" It was so funny!)

Anyway I better be off now... This blog thing is rather fun :)

I'll see all you cool kids next time.

Lecy x

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