Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday night procrastination.. Comes with bow ties!

So it's Friday night.
I'm at home in my fat pants (you gotta love fat pants!), with a cold and 'supposedly' doing my maths.. But the maths isn't yet done, due to my procrastinating... I found a bow tie and got distracted! (Seriously who wouldn't?!)  And then I was Pinteresting, with my bow tie on of course, and I saw the 'bow hair' thingy that I've been meaning to try for a while now.. So after a number of tries (I lost count after the third..) I finally did it! Kind of.. It wasn't that good.. But it was alright.
Now, I know most of you are ridiculously impatient and your just sitting on your seat, reading what I'm typing, thinking to yourselves, "JUST SHOW ME YOUR AMAZING BOW TIE! No one cares about your hair!" I know you are. Cause if I was you, I would be as well..
But first I need to tell you the beautiful story of my bow tie... One day, I was just doing what I do, thinking what I think and drinking what I drink (which is coffee, I LOVE coffee!), when all of a sudden the post man puts some mail in my letter box, so I ran outside to get the mail and behold! There was a letter for me! I opened it and this amazing bow tie fell out. I was so excited, I jumped around a bit, then I put on my awesome bow tie and I didn't take it off all day! And that's pretty much the story..

Now here is the long awaited bow tie!

Pretty snazzy isn't it?!
I like it, a lot.

Now if you really want I'll show you a photo of my bow hair.. I quite liked it.. I might try it more often.

I know it's a bit weird looking.. But the more I practise the better I'll get, right? I hope so! Haha

OH MY GOODNESS!! I don't think I've told you this, but I got a coke bottle with MY name on it! I've never had anything with my name on! You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I got it.. 
I know you're probably sitting there like, "what is this weirdo on about?! No one cares if you wrote your own name on a coke bottle.." And so I'm going to show you that it is real! 

Isn't it beautiful? Looking at it brings a tear to my eye, it's just so beautiful! 

Any-who, I'm probably boring you with my ramblings, but you must bare in mind that it is call 'Lecys Little Ramblings' for a perfectly eloquent reason..  

Well so long, suckers! 

Don't worry I'm sure I will be back! This blogging business is too much fun to miss out on.

Lecy :) xx 


  1. You forgot to mention the KEY part of the bow tie story... it was that I was there! Awesome hair bow btw

  2. wow they have elysia but not mollie?!?!, thats just wrong!!hehe

    1. Haha :P They don't actually have Elysia but the were doing this stall thingy in the mall and you just told them your name and they printed it on for you :)