Saturday, 17 October 2015

So, life sucks.

In my long absence from blogging, I've been learning what it's like to grow up. And it sucks. I mean sure there are some ups, I have money, a car, amazing friends and boyfriend, but all of these things come with responsibility, and I can't stand it. So even though there are some good things, the majority of it sucks. I don't deal with stress well, I can't wake up in the morning, I don't have time to socialize much anymore, and I'm always tired.

So this evening, whilst I've been home alone I've been reliving some of the things I used to do. And by that I mean I've been dancing around the house, in my highest heels, with Taylor Swift and all my other country music blasting (by other I mean the Band Perry).

So really, I'm just blogging to complain about life. It's hard, and I feel like a lot of people understand and some will disagree. But life is hard and sometimes you just need to have some music on really loud and just forget about everything. Or, if you don't have time for that, just dye your hair blue. It works and it's quite fun. Until you go to dye your hair brown again and it goes green.. So then you have to bleach your hair and dye it brown all over again. But hey, I'm not speaking from experience or anything..

One of the worst things though, is remembering all the cool stuff you used to do, and how you can't do it anymore because work and study consumes all your time. 

This is me, doing my favorite thing last summer.

Me again, but with Freyja who's the best vaulter I know.

I think I should stop now, before I bore you all to death and fall into a deep depression from which no one could ever return. I will go to bed like a sensible grown up would do so I'm ready for a long day at work tomorrow. Who am I kidding? I'm not going to bed, I still have 3 more Taylor swift albums to go through.

But you should go to bed. Goodnight imaginary friends that live inside the big wide interweb. Sweet dreams to you all.

Yours truly, 
Lecy, the fairy queen of the mystical woods x

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