Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bits 'n bobs

Hi! *waves franticly* I haven't writen a blog in a while so I thought, hmm.. Maybe I could write a blog today! So I am. :) I bet you all missed me. I know you did, I can tell since you're reading this.

Well I suppose I should appoligise for not writing a blog in forever, so, I'm sorry but it's hard being half a grown up and half child.. I have to work and do school work at the same time! It's very difficult.

But anyway enough of that boring stuff I want you guys to see my cool new skirt;
oh! And look at this cute as cardi I got!

It's so cute! Oh my goodness I love it!
But anyway the main reason I'm writing this blog is because I wanted you all to know that I cut my hair. Well, I cut my fringe..
Tell me what you think;

What do you think? Do I suit the fringe?
Well chums, it's been nice sharing with you but my school work a waits.
Cya later Alligator don't forget your toilet paper! :P

Lecy xx

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  1. Love the fringe! Gosh you're brave cutting your own hair - I would never trust myself! Although I did cut Noah's recently!